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    About Us

    ROOTS® - the digital backbone of German retail

    ROOTS® helps retailers in your region to maintain their customer base - regardless of the customer's vaccination or test status. In this way, the local retail trade is always open and accessible to all residents. And it's convenient too.

    Thanks to the online hybrid business, retailers in your region are able to maintain their sales volume regardless of the crisis and thus also ensure the variety of goods in a region.

    ROOTS® thus offers the opportunity for a regional, sustainable and modern shopping experience. The team behind the development of ROOTS® has the future after the pandemic firmly in view and would like to maintain and promote regional structures and traditions for this future.

    With ROOTS® we have developed a solution that takes the horror of lockdowns and incidence-dependent uncertainty. No lockdown will ever paralyze your business again. If you have to close your physical shop door, you simply resell in ROOTS®. And when your shop door opens again, selling in ROOTS® in combination with your stationary business is simply twice as much fun!

    Short payout intervals of 24 hours ensure that the income you earn in ROOTS® also quickly lands in your account - where it belongs.

    Continuous sales increase your annual sales - and of course you also pay more business tax to your community, which benefits all of us. Because it is your trade tax that maintains the regional infrastructure of our community. Every community needs its regional trade as the backbone of society.

    With the help of ROOTS® and the data donation from retailers and customers, it is possible to make analyzes of regional needs and regional trends tangible for shops and their customers. Bottlenecks are recognized before they arise and avoided through sustainable demand planning. In this way, our supply chains are relieved and the flow of goods is controlled by customer demand. Economical, sustainable and progressive.

    As a result of the re-regionalization of purchasing power, inflationary and stagflationary pressures in our economy are reduced, which means that prices can stabilize again.

    Retailers and their customers are invited to take a look at ROOTS®.

    - No contract

    - no fixed costs

    - no constraints

    - No compromise

    That's not too good to be true ...

    That's just ROOTS® - the ecosystem of German retail.